Saue Auto AS was founded on 19 May 1994. The company started out as a subsidiary of the construction group AS Merko Ehitus. Our first major project involved the haulage of construction details from Finland, for the construction of Hansapank (now Swedbank) head office, built by Merko. While we initially carried freight to Finland and Russia, we soon expanded our range of destinations to cover Germany, the Netherlands and other Western European countries as well as the Nordic countries.

Since 2004 we have been operating as an autonomous business. Today Saue Auto AS is an all-Estonian privately owned transport company. International road freight forwarding remains our core business. We carry freight to the Nordic countries and most European countries. With more than 20 years of operation we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience, so that we can offer our customers exactly what they need, and always a little bit more.

Our fleet currently consists of more than 65 trucks –  refrigerated trailers, tautliners, mega-tautliners.

All our trucks are equipped with modern GPS tracking technology, which helps us know the exact location of every truck and ensures smooth-running communication between our team and the customer. We are a member of ERAA (Association of Estonian International Road Carriers) and our operations are covered by CMR Insurance. We are also a member of Eesti Tehnoülevaatajate Liit (Estonian Vehicle Inspection Association).

The company has always been based in the town of Saue, where we own a commercial property at Tule 33. We also rent out offices, warehouses and industrial space.

The company currently employs around 100 people. Our aim is to deliver fast and flexible solutions and to be always available for our customers.

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EN ISO 9002
EN ISO 14001
Issued by SKAL
Suomen Kuorma-Autoliito
on 24 July 2000


Saue Auto AS was founded on 19 May 1994. Our services today include:

– International road freight
– Vehicle inspection
– Rental of commercial property


Saue Auto AS
Reg No 10115980
Tule 33, Saue 76505, Estonia
Tel: +372 610 5050
Fax: +372 610 5055